Fall Updates

Hello everyone!

I realized how long I have not been on here and decided I needed to make an appearance, even if it is a short post! I have been super busy these past couple of months, I picked up a second job which I ended up leaving shortly after but I did learn a lot about merchandising and visuals. I had the opportunity to work with and learn a lot about Michael Kors, more specifically his handbags. I personally think everything about the brand is brilliantly composed to me. Everything down to the price tag is thought out and looks very chic. The shop is always clean and is kept up to standards. And as many of you know, Michael Kors is a very popular name in the fashion world so business was never really an issue.

Now, I am in school and still working at my original job trying to learn as much as possible from that! Basically, school is taking over my life which is fine, because it will be worth it when this semester is over. I am happy that I am able to continue to work for a company that I am passionate about and that I am wanting to grow with in the future.

Alright enough with the catching up:

Trends I am loving:

Chunky cable knit sweaters with leather leggings and chunky-heel ankle boots! Lately, I have been keeping it really simple with the accessories just adding a watch and that’s really it!

I have realized my style is changing per usual and I couldn’t be happier about it! I will try and keep you guys updated more often. Are there any trends that you guys are crazy about this fall?

Have a great evening!


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So whilst at work today, putting together outfits and what have you, I put together a simple outfit that a lot of people have in their closet & often overlook. If you have a collared shirt, preferably chambray, you can layer a sweater right over it and look completely put together!

I think almost everyone can make completely new outfits after reevaluating what they have in their own closet. If not, when shopping try and buy pieces that you will be able either layer or wear by itself! Play around with fabrics and colors and be amazed 🙂

Happy Friday everyone!



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Small tip & general thoughts


So in Ohio we finally had a beautiful spring day, the snow is melting, everyone was outside just enjoying the themselves & the beautiful weather. It was long overdue & everybody seemed to be loving it!

My pug Goliath!

But while I was at work I noticed a huge thing that is so simple that many many people do not realize. When buying a suit jacket, or a coat usually a trench, there are pieces that are generally sold to you with the garment that are not meant to be worn outside of then store.

For example, the little “x” stitch you see on the vent of the back of a blazer, suit jacket coat. Is actually called a basting stitch & is not meant to be there! It merely holds together the fabric so it doesn’t wrinkle while being sewn, shipped & displayed.

Basting Stitch;


Open Vent vs Close Vent:

If you have a jacket the vent should be open & moveable! Ah, the sleeve label being left on suit jackets & coats. If you have an expensive garment it will show, it looks instantly tacky by having the sleeve label still attached. Therefore defeating the purpose of spending that much money! Sewn shut pockets can also be used & if a jacket or dress has loops that are just a thread holding the belt that should be cut off too. Display purposes only 🙂

That’s my fashion tip for today, but I do have a question for anyone willing to answer.. Yoga or Pilates?Pros, cons I’m curious for future reference!

Stay rad, & enjoy the rest of your day!


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New York City

Last month, my best friend and I decided to take a trip to the ever so lovely NYC. We were initially going to view some schools & just get a feel for the city and I never thought I would miss it as much as I do. I have never seen such a big place with each block having it’s own personality, it was insane! I had a great time, ate some good food, saw some great street fashion and even got to do a bit of shopping in Soho! Adorable neighborhood with so much going on at every angle. We went into to some high end stores and drooled over things I one day plan to own, (Valentino stilettos please!) and saw some boutiques that were more in the price range we were wanting to spend. One being, Pocos Paridiso. I’m not sure if it’s even still open in NYC because they were relocating when we visited but they had some really great pieces. A little pricey for what was offered but there was a 50% off sale so it made it a bit more reasonable. Overall, New York was completely inspiring with fashion, as I figured it would be. But the real question is, will it be east coast or west coast for me in the upcoming year? Enjoy my super touristy photos below:





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Shorts & Maxi Skirts

As valentines day comes to a close and I go into a chocolate coma, I realized there are looks I love no matter cold or warm! One being shorts in the winter, now before you look at me like I’m crazy bare with me. Shorts are meant for warmer months, but paired with a thick pair of opaque tights can give a generally summer look a more winter and soft feel! I decided to break the general mold of dresses on valentines day and went with a pair of high waisted light pink shorts, with black tights, a lace tank and a blue blazer. I topped it all together with my express watch and black bootie heels. I almost put together an outfit involving a maxi skirt with a crop top, but decided to save that for a later date. So have fun with fashion and break the mold!

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Casual Chic!

Cooped up in my house all day because of this awful weather, I thought I’d post a way to look cute for spring but have a little professionalism as well! I can’t wait until it gets warmer so naturally I think of all of the possible outfits I can put together in the mean time! There are many things that can make or break an outfit and I think blazers really just pull everything together. You can dress it up for a work day, interview or what have you.. But you can even add a blazer to the most casual of outfits and still have a relaxed feel to it! When I was at work the other day I put some of these items together and I think I accomplished a perfect chic look for anything from doing errands to going to dinner. It can be dressed up with heels or down with sandals or flats (weather permitting). The boyfriend jeans are something that gives it more a casual look and something I’m really into because they are super comfortable for jeans. What do you think?


(all items from express)

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New fits

I decided to take a little step outside of what im used to and try and follow some up and coming trends. Harem pants being one of the bolder moves I take on, I find them to not only be comfortable but trendy and not popular enough yet to be something that makes you stand out from the crowd. This look can take you to a more relaxed look with a loose tee and some cute accessories and flats or sneakers, to a more put together look with booties, heels a tight fitting shirt, blazer etc. What I love about this look most is you can look fashionable and still feel like you’re wearing sweatpants which, let’s face it, is a dream come true!
(Below are a couple things I put on hold at work, all things of course from express)



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A little something

Ever since I can remember, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life. I was attracted to different fields and once I find something I like I can’t help but learn everything I possibly can about it. I juggled what I thought I wanted to do with my life and what I actually want to do, and finally have came to the conclusion that the fashion world is appealing to me. But I didn’t want it to end just at the appeal of it all. I wanted to make it a career, and that’s just what I plan to do. Whether I end up with more than a marketing or merchandising degree I will be somewhere in the fashion world making a name for myself. its all happening.


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